‘Influencer’ who posted photos of herself comatose in bar criticised by NHS


An alternative fitness blogger who posted photos of herself and a couple of mates comatose in a Benidorm taverna has been criticised by UK officials for making an unnecessary journey overseas.

34-year-old Jackie Beesley from Bridgnorth in Shropshire said the 14 day package holiday to Spain was an essential part of her job as an ‘influencer’ and was intended to ‘cheer up’ her many online followers back home.

Ms Beesley said she and her mates had gone on a motivational trip to Spain to encourage her blog followers to go that extra mile in their quest to find an off-licence or kebab shop that was open late into the night.

The photo of Ms.Beesley had received over 24m likes on Facebook and the alternative fitness guru has also received many favourable comments from her 40m Twitter followers:

‘Legend’ said @Mumz_in_Prison from Worksop

‘Mental’ added @2TonTed from Teddington

‘Inspirational’ was how @DewsburyDick described the scene.

‘Have you shit yourself yet’ asked @Old_Offensive_Tweets from Bristol

In her defence, Ms Beesley pointed to her latest lifestyle video ’14 pints of lager and 32 packets of crisps’, which had gone viral within minutes of being posted online. But some critics have argued that the fitness blogger’s antics could be counterproductive and lead to others bending the rules over lockdown restrictions.

Ms.Beesley was unperturbed , saying the proof was in the pudding…which it seems one of her mates had smothered in custard and shoved down the front of her blouse.

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