Fans furious after news Captain Sir Tom Moore could be played by a woman


War hero, peacetime hero, charity fundraiser and Time Lord, Captain Sir Tom Moore could be played by a woman in the next series, says BBC Producer and writer, Chris Toenail.

“Why not? Having Captain Sir Tom regenerating into a younger character played by a younger actor, even a woman, especially a woman, would bring in the fans and introduce the series to a much bigger audience.

Thousands of people around the world have voiced opinions about this, and it is proving to be a very controversial decision.

Steve Toffee from Chelmsford said, “My 10-year-old daughter is excited about this. She keeps running around the house, shouting “Girl Power! and “Fight the Patriarchy.” Every time we see Second World War heroes on the television, they tend to be old, straight, middle-class white men in their late 90s. It’s about time the BBC showed some courage and gave the role to a much younger, more modern hero, or shero if you prefer. Why shouldn’t Captain Sir Tom be a woman? And why should she be a straight woman?”

But others disagree. As Colin Nolan, of Cheshunt, said, “The character of Sir Tom has always been a male and should remain male. You can’t have a woman walking around the garden a lot, fighting the Nazis and battling the Daleks, can you? It’s just not right! I, for one, will not be watching this and I shall tear up my TV licence in protest.”

A spokesman for the BBC confirmed that no decision had been made, but the series would be back in the Autumn, and there are plans for a Christmas special.

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