Snow day under Lockdown a bit ‘samey’

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School children up and down the land, were celebrating a day spent at home due heavy snowfall, only to discover that that it is essentially a repeat of the whole of last year – just a bit more chilly. Building snowmen is all very well, but the real pleasure is thinking about all those face to face lessons you are missing.

Remarked one child: ‘I didn’t even get the satisfaction of skipping lessons, as all my teachers have gone online. Snow is a bit rubbish really.’ His mother confirmed: ‘I’d got excited about not driving to work and having a duvet day; but that’s less of a thing if you’ve been wearing the same pyjamas since August.’

The novelty of staying at home is profoundly ‘meh’ and socially distanced snowball fights are exactly the same as normal ones. Said one employee: ‘I’d even prepared a fake phone call to my boss to pretend I was snowed in, and then I remembered I’d been laid off from work six months ago’.

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