10 days in UK Travelodge ‘excessive’ says High Court judge

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A former High Court judge has said that threatening travellers with 10 days banged up in a UK Travelodge was excessive punishment and probably violated their human rights. Judge Lord Gumtion added that most travellers would prefer to be put on a sex offenders register or be charged with firearms offences than serve the maximum sentence of 10 nights in a Gatwick Travelodge. Lying about medical status and recent travel history would not be tolerated and being quarantined in a Travelodge simply reflected the seriousness of the offence argued cabinet minister Grant Schnapps
The Transport Secretary was quick to defend the heavy sentencing imposed on miscreant travellers saying it would also help deter migrants from crossing the channel. “At the moment asylum seekers are being held 15 to a room in an old army barracks in Kent. There is no central heating, no drinking water, no cooking facilities, the toilets are overflowing and electricity is cut off for 8 hours a day……now imaging having to give all that up to spend 10 miserable nights in a Travelodge. It’s one thing trekking across Europe for three weeks then finding yourself crammed into a dinghy with ten other families for 36 hours while crossing the channel in a force 10 gale…..but then finding you’ve got to sleep on a motel pull-me-down for close on a fortnight really takes the edge off it all”.

But angry asylum seekers say they are simply not prepared to put up with such heavy handed sentencing. Being a victim of petty crime, punishment beatings and sexual harassments are all part and parcel of being an asylum seeker in one of the UK’s most hostile detention centres” said Victim Support Officer Jason Beesley…….”so please don’t make their life unbearable by sending them off to a motel near Gatwick”.

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