Young woman forgets to post photos of snow on social media

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Karen Rumbold has been ostracised by friends and family after failing to upload any photos of the snow on her social media accounts.

Ms Rumbold, 29, of Cleethorpes, who generally posts everything to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and that other one, you know, the Chinese one with the dancing flowers and that, has been left feeling incredibly foolish and ashamed after forgetting to upload any of the 73 photos of the snow she took this morning to any of her accounts.

“It’s just not like her,” said now former BFF, Candice. “There was nothing. I sent her a message saying “U OK hun” and one of those face symbol things but she didn’t even reply. Nothing. Well, if she thinks I can be friends with someone who doesn’t even post a few photos of something as obvious as the snow, she’s got another thing coming!”

We contacted Ms Rumbold, who told our reporter, “I was so busy, what with homeschooling all my kids and doing my amazon deliveries, that I totally forgot to press Send”, she sniffled. “I still posted all the other pics, you know, bed hair, make up before and after, me in my PJs with one sock on, the kids’ breakfasts, a selfie of me sitting on the loo with a rabbit ears filter, and the daily one of me in my bra and pants pouting like a giant duck what’s had a stroke, but I just know I’ll lose followers for this. I’m gutted. My life is over.”

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