Imperial Leather product range to be decolonised

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PZ Cussons, the manufacturers of the Imperial Leather range of soaps, anti-perspirants and talc today confirmed a major rebrand in response to a continued social media campaign from charities and human rights groups demanding that it decolonises its products. Group spokesperson Archibald Collins said, ‘I understand the social media campaign comprised just seven tweets originally. However, these have now been shared over a million times, creating a snowball effect, so we had to act. We apologise for any offence our brands have caused. It was a historical throwback and we recognise these names have caused harm and distress to our customers. We intend to rebrand this product range so that it will now be known as People’s Leather to avoid any conotations with imperialism.’

However, these comments were immediately decried by a spokesperson from PETA, the largest animal rights organisation in the world, who said ‘leather should not feature in any product range. It is the by product of animal cruelty, so we call upon PZ Cussons to think again about this rebrand.’

Following intensive negotiations with PETA, it has now emerged that PZ Cussons will rebrand the Imperial Leather range as ‘Just Soap and Stuff’.

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