‘Public might be able to think about holidays once we’ve booked ours’ says Hancock

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Matt Hancock says the general public can start to think about planning staycation holidays here in the UK once Tory ministers and family friends have booked theirs. The health secretary said it was too soon for ordinary people to plan anything for this summer as there were still some surprisingly good bargains to be had here in the UK. “Aunty Jean is looking at a self catering cottage in Padstow….until she makes her mind up my hands are tied” admitted Mr.Hancock “To compound things we’ve been completely taken by surprise at the amount of people wanting to be vaccinated against this mutant killer virus that has already taken over 110,000 lives and devastated communities….nobody could have predicted that sort of uptake among the public. Anybody fortunate enough to survive the pandemic will probably want to take a holiday sooner or later, so it is vital ministers and party donors get in early.
The health secretary said that the longterm priority would be making sure people can visit loved ones and be with family. “All mine will be in Cornwall….so it won’t be a problem” said Hancock

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