Dodgy satnav blamed for Stonehenge rock blunder

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Archaeologists think a dodgy neolithic satnav may have been responsible for an ancient stone circle being erected in the wrong place.
Henge expert Jason Beesley says the bluestone rocks should have been delivered to a site in Pembrokeshire and not to a field in the west country. Prof.Beesley also noted that neolithic man would never have built such an important cultural landmark so close to a busy main road.
“The archaeologist thinks the firm responsible for delivering the rocks may have used a faulty satnav when planning their route. Neolithic man navigated using the sun, the moon and the stars. It is quite possible there was a mix up somewhere along the line….probably confusion over whether it was sunrise or sunset when they first set out. It was not uncommon back then. ‘ The Professor also believes that We the same Bronze Age firm could have been responsible for drawing the enormous penis on the Cerne Abbas Giant; “Back then the word ‘cock’ was used as a term or endearment here in the west country; It was probably something like…..’can you carve us us a giant bloke waving a cudgel somewhere up on the chalk hills… and make sure it’s really big cock’.

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