Top lines for avoiding joyless Valentine’s lockdown sex



  • ‘Let’s make it really special by waiting just that bit longer and saving it to celebrate getting vaccinated.’


  • ‘I’m concerned about the kids’ fragile emotional state, should we really risk disturbing their sleep at the moment?’


  • ‘Ooh, I’m so tempted, love, but couldn’t the joyous release of our physical ecstasy undo all those good social distancing habits?’


  • ‘Call me soft, but it just feels disrespectful to all the people who’ve really suffered throughout this terrible time.’


  • ‘I’d love to, but somehow silly old me has managed to jam the lid of my laptop open with Teams still running, and glue it to the bedside table, so we’d be on full view.’


  • ‘I’m sorry, those daily government briefings are so depressing, I’m quite emotional- can we just cuddle instead?’


  • ‘I know it’s over-commercialised, but it just doesn’t feel like Valentine’s without, I don’t know, a card or a few silly flowers.’


  • ‘Is this really the right time to consider bringing another child into the world?’


  • ‘I died of Covid’
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