Fans of □□□□□ ‘□□□□□ and □□□□□’ by announcement of □□□□□


A spokesperson for the □□□□□ and □□□□□ of □□□□□ has announced the happy news that the □□□□□, who currently live in □□□□□, are expecting a □□□□□.

Due in □□□□□ months’ time, the whole family is reportedly looking forward to ‘a little □□□□□ or □□□□□ for □□□□□’. The □□□□□ is said to be ‘absolutely □□□□□, despite suffering a little □□□□□, and feeling understandably tired after too much □□□□□, but □□□□□ up well, thanks to a regime of strict □□□□□, absolutely no □□□□□ after □□□□□, and a regular shot of organic □□□□□ up the □□□□□.’

The spokesperson confirmed it was a little early to speculate about □□□□□, but □□□□□ and □□□□□ are rumoured to be in the frame, with □□□□□ a surprise front-runner, due to the □□□□□’s love of extreme doomcore. ‘All we care about is that the □□□□□ is □□□□□, □□□□□, and grows up with an appreciation of □□□□□, □□□□□, and self-expression,’ concluded the statement, ‘and we are delighted to share this □□□□□ and □□□□□ news with you all today.’

Buckingham Palace declined to officially comment, advising this had come as a ‘complete %&@**% surprise, and the little %&@**% had better not be expecting a title’.



(Hat-tips to MADJEZ & Titus)

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