University ‘free speech champion’ to be angry blacked-up taxi driver


Academics have expressed concern that the government’s newly appointed ‘free speech champion’ does not have an academic background and was convicted of flashing on Clapham Common in 1993.  Dave Nowall of Dagenham, who is the Education Secretary’s first cousin, will impose heavy fines or expel anyone who thinks racists should be fined or expelled.

Mr Nowall castigated reporters from the Daily Mail, Express, Der Stürmer, Sun and the Telegraph for not giving right wing gob-jockeys their fair share of press coverage.

Speaking from a taxi rank outside Euston Station, Mr Nowall he said: ‘Academics and students don’t know shit!  When I was invited to give a talk on bestiality in public places, Cardiff University shut me down!  Well, I say enough is enough… Where-to now, guv?’

The Education Secretary has expressed his full confidence in Mr Nowall, who enjoys an annual salary of £97,000. Mr Nowall defended the high salary, claiming it would only take you as far as Fulham during rush hour.

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