We support Princess Latifa and everyone held captive on Alderaan says Rabb


‘Yes, we are deeply concerned for the safety and well being of Princess Latifa…..and all people held captive on Alderaan’ confirmed the Foreign Office.

‘I Googled the Princess and was horrified to find she had been battling the forces of evil since the late 1970s…..What makes it worse is that she was held captive by her own father.

We all know what happened to Princess Baratheon of Dragonstone…..we cannot stand by and let this sort of thing happen all over again. Being burned at the stake for refusing to bend the knee in the era of Black Lives Matter is wrong…there is no place for it in the 21st century.

And no Princess should be expected to kiss a frog in order to be rescued by a handsome Prince. I will be bringing this up at the next United Nations zoom meeting.

It could be your little Princess next’.

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