Got a fairly small or unimportant fire? Call 202

'Send help. I've run out of marshmallows.'

The Fire Brigade has today launched a new non-emergency money-saving service. Follow this simple guide to determining whether your household blaze or head-in-railings incident is suitable for a less-than-immediate response.

When should I call 202?

When you have a fairly small fire that hasn’t killed anyone or caused you too much trouble so far. For example:

  • If coal has fallen onto the hearth rug and your husband is having difficulty putting the flames out.
  • Your chip pan is on fire and less than half of the kitchen blind is currently in flames.
  • Any of your friends or family have spontaneously combusted.
  • A kitten is stuck in a very small shrub or bonsai.
  • You, or somebody you know, is an arsonist.
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