GB News to Feature ‘Two Minute Hate’


Andrew Neil, chairman of new news channel GB News has announced their morning programming will feature a two-minute hate daily at 7am.

The 120 seconds, said by Neil to give catharsis to those whose daily lives are subject to ‘the woke agenda’ will allow viewers to expel their anger and vehemence at images of celebrities such as Greta Thunburg and items such as almond milk and electric cars; while on-screen messages inform them of the latest so-called liberal facts from the BBC.

The hate will be followed by the two-minute wonder at 8am; where a loop of the national anthem plays over pictures of Winston Churchill, Spitfires, and London during the Blitz. Neil expects all viewers to stand for the two-minute wonder, with those who fail to do so being labelled as anti-patriots – or worse – vegans.

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