Hancock: Care Home residents get one visitor – the Grim Reaper


The Health Minister has promised to ease lockdown to by allowing the elderly to have one visitor, which could be a health insurer, an undertaker or someone selling Saga holidays. Residents are advised to think long and hard as to whom they invite and not to waste their choice on son or daughter that they did not like in the first place.

Said one resident: ‘Originally I was going to ask my grandson, but then I thought, hold on Sid, if I’ve only got one pick, I’ll better make it a good un. So instead, I’ve opted for Kim Kardashian, now she’s single. I’m 97 so this might be my last chance to get my leg over.’

Explained a carer: ‘One suggestion was that the visitor could be the Prime Minister, to shake their hand. But in the end we decided on the Grim Reaper, as it amounts to the same thing’. On hearing this, the Grim Reaper was apprehensive: ‘Are you sure it’s safe for me to go in? The Covid mortality rates are still pretty high – and I should know’.

(Hattip Gerontius)

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