Britain to send Interplanetary Narrowboat to explore Martian Canals


‘We have the technology’ explained professor Bill Higgins. ‘We know all about how to build canal barges and how to sail them, and we’ve now also got a pretty good grip of space technology. All we’ve got to do is combine these skills.’

‘Using a boat will be a Martian-environment-friendly way of exploring the planet’ continued the professor. ‘Not only will it be low-carbon, but we won’t even leave any footprints, let alone tyre tracks. However, using an ordinary boat would be silly because boats can be rather big and, quite honestly, mostly full of nothing-at-all. But a narrowboat is perfect; we’ve checked and it will just fit inside a rocket.’

‘In fact, development of the project is progressing rapidly. The only real task left to our scientists now, is the design a suitable protective suit for the barge horse.’

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