Wales no longer the size of Wales


Due to coastal erosion and leakage on Gloucester border, Wales has shrunk from its traditional dimensions, thus becoming an area the size of less than Wales. Instead, Slovenia will now become the standard International Measurement for ‘an area that sounds quite shockingly large but is actually quite small’.

Originally Wales was 20735km^2  or 14 million rugby size pitches, which is a ridiculous amount of rugby pitches, even for a country the size of Wales.  Since then, the natives have been hiding their shrinkage from international cartographers, by stuffing gym socks in and around Pembrokeshire.

Those typically destroying the Brazilian rain forest have been asked to scale back on their efforts, to ensure continuity.  Said one logger: ‘It turns out I’ve been deforesting an area the size of El Salvador, which at least is a region I’ve heard of.  I was shocked to discover just how many trees we’ve been cutting down. I’d always thought they were talking about Whales the fish.’

Ironically, Plaid Cymru insisted that the UK would still be losing an area the size of Wales, ‘in the not too distant future’.

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