New variant of Boris Johnson discovered


Scientists have identified a new variant of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that has emerged in UK.

There have a been number of variants of Boris Johnson throughout his time as Prime Minister, and experts suggest, that while further evidence is required, this variant is showing “increased signs of caution”.

‘Unlike the variant that was dominant at the end of previous lockdowns, or when relaxing the rules for Christmas, this variant seems to be willing to take things much slower and show some caution,’ one scientist said.

‘This variant is particularly different to the variant who went round shaking hands with people infected with coronavirus or the variant who just asked people to avoid pubs, and as for the variant that promised we could turn the tide against the pandemic in just 12 weeks, well, the less said the better.’

Early signs suggest that the variant that was discovered yesterday could be the least dangerous of all the Boris Johnson variants seen so far. But experts have warned to be cautious as further mutations could still take place.

‘We saw how quickly a new strain of Boris Johnson can emerge, when within 24 hours he went from wanting all schools to open to closing them in a new lockdown,” another scientist pointed out. “Views on so-called vaccination passports seem to be in the process of mutating, so god knows what else might change.’

It is quite common place for different variants of senior politicians to emerge. Factors that led to mutations include tabloid headlines, a looming General Election and a change in special advisers.

Unfortunately, no vaccine has ever been discovered for poor leadership or political disasters.

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