‘House of Games prizes beginning to get a bit too creepy’ warns Ofcom


TV regulator Ofcom has warned the makers of Richard Osman’s House of Games that the prizes on offer to contestants taking part in the daily quiz show are starting to get a little bit too creepy.

The regulator wrote to Endemol Sign UK saying the type of prizes on offer needed to reflect the sort of everyday items that people might like to have in their homes and less like the things Osman might keep in his private cellar.

‘We were happy with the prizes during the first couple of seasons….but then things started to go a bit downhill’ said Ofcom’s Jason Beesley. ‘The binoculars were a decent prize, the driving gloves were something of a novelty and the mouse mat would certainly have come in useful. I did start to wonder who would want a bathrobe with Osman’s face on it and the aftershave seemed a bit sexist……but we let that go.
It is the prizes on offer in the current series that started to raise eyebrows here at Ofcom and we felt it necessary to step in.’

But Endemol Signs UK say the prizes reflect changing tastes in society and are not necessarily items that Mr. Osman would have chosen himself. ‘Obviously we disagree with Ofcom’s assessment of our prizes’ said OSUK marketing manager Ishi Berkoff….’we think the Osman underpants are quite a stylish fit and the House of Games strapless bra is a quality product….although on reflection maybe we should have put Richard’s face on the outside of the cup.’

‘But I think what you are getting at is our range of House of Games condoms…..the ones with Richard’s face on the teat……it is, isn’t it?
It’s just an industry in-joke, a reference to how tall Richard is….you know. You slip the condom over the shaft and as the penis enlarges you start to see Richard grow and grow…..although to be honest when I first tried it it looked more like Ronnie Corbett than Richard.
I guess this means we can forget about the House of Games tampon and the colonic irrigation lube?’

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