7 things we learned from Prince Harry’s Corden interview


Prince Harry broke his media silence this week giving an interview with James Corden on the US chat show The Late Show. Here’s seven takeaways from the interview.

1. James Corden has lost a bit of weight since moving to America but not a great amount. Conservative estimates would put it at around half a stone. Prince Harry was at his diplomatic best by not mentioning Corden’s weight as this would have seemed crass.

2. They have double decker buses in America but it’s still viewed as a novelty ‘over the pond’.

3. Prince Harry hasn’t either lost all his hair nor dyed it, sending a clear message that he’s a proud red-head.

4. James Corden hasn’t kept wearing his costume from the film Cats at all times. Prince Harry was at his diplomatic best by not raising the terrible film that Corden was unhappily a part of and added nothing to.

5. Prince Harry is still happily married. The Prince modestly wore his wedding ring, mentioned “Her Indoors” several times and at no point during the interview did he try and woo anyone. At no point did the Prince check tinder on his phone and he courteously claimed things were going alright with the marriage.

6. America still exists and wasn’t destroyed during the Trump administration. Despite some people fearing that the last President could have ruled over the last days of that proud nation, from the film it appears the USA is still there.

7. Prince Harry hasn’t seen anything good on television recently. Despite some weary questioning from Corden the Prince was happy to come clean on the fact that he hasn’t watched anything good on TV for some years, although he did admit to trying to sit through a recent episode of Corden’s The Late Late Show.


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