What was that noise outside last night? Top 15 answers from your Facebook community page


1. Kids letting off fireworks, probably. Gets earlier every year. My dog Trudy was so scared she shat herself inside-out and run off down the woods. Shouldnt be aloud

2. Trouble is though, kids have got nothing to do round here after they shut the youth centre

3. Well maybe if they did’nt vandalise the youth centre the council would’nt have closed it would they?

4. Atmospheric conditions

5. U wot? We don’t have ‘atmospheric conditions” here. I should know Iv lived here all my life. You fancy incomers who hav’ent been here 5 minuts come telling us what to thinks going on in our own skies. FUMMIN!!!!

6. Probably Colin Mitchell letting one off after another night on the pickled eggs LOL

7. When was this noise? I didn’t hear one

8. My father was the Town Clerk for 15 years before we moved to Lugwardine and he resigned in disgust because they were all so useless. Seems like nothing’s changed

9. A metaphor for Brexit

10. So I suppose you would have preferred Corbyn then??!!

11. It was a meteor burning up. A man in Bishops Frome caught it on his camera phone and posted it on Twitter.

12. U wot? Bishops Frome’s 20 miles away U donut!!!!

13. Probably that bloke from Number 23. He always puts his bins out loudly.

14. We used to have discos every Friday night at the youth centre when I was young, then we’d pile into my dad’s minivan and go to Bosbury for a fight. None of them drugs, mind you

15. There was no noise. FAKE NEWS. Wake up sheeple!

Hat tip Gerontius

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