BBC commissions TV show where retired cop doesn’t attempt to solve crimes


The BBC is to develop a prime-time police drama where a cop enjoys years of retirement with a stable pension, away from the stresses of trying to catch criminals.  ‘It was a brainwave,’ said series writer Phil McNeil today. ‘I just wondered how likely it was that retired policemen and women would find themselves drawn into solving crimes without access to the national police computer network, a warrant card and a team prepared to turn a blind eye to excessive violence once they’d taken their pension. Very unlikely, it seems,’ he added.

Brian Tobay, a former detective with Cheshire Constabulary who retired three years ago and is now acting as series consultant explained, ‘I didn’t like solving crimes when I was a serving police officer, nobody does. Apart from a shoe-in to the Masons, working as a police officer has very few perks these days. I couldn’t imagine any retired officer trying and solve crimes unless they had a PCC breathing down their necks. Most just fabricate the paperwork.’

Jason Tobias, a method actor who has taken the lead role in the new series which follows a retired police officer driving around to supermarkets, popping to the pub twice a week and digging up his allotment said he’d been preparing for the role for ‘the last two years, where the only paying work I undertook was a fifteen second commercial for verruca ointment – I have a very photogenic big toe capable of multiple expressions – I really got into the mind of someone who couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed most mornings.’

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