Man wants extra credit for not killing anyone


While a nation discusses why it is still not safe for a woman to walk home, Paul Lawson (42), decided to weigh in with the helpful comments such as ‘women should be more careful’ and ‘I’d never hurt a woman because I love my Mum’. When one woman had the temerity to suggest that statistically men were often the perpetrators of violence, Paul remarked: ‘Well, I’ve not raped anyone’; which admittedly, was a pretty low bar – even for an interview for the Metropolitan Police.

Paul went on to explain that he had suffered just as much over the years, so that was the end of the discussion. When various women countered with their own lived experience, he reminded them they should just dress less provocatively when they go out.

Said Paul: ‘Clearly all women need to do is plan their route carefully, avoiding all streets, houses, scrubland, woodland, badly lit, remote, cold, indoor, outdoor or working environments. And steer clear of taxis’.

Paul explained that men were just as likely to be fearful walking home, to which someone pointed out that it was not women they were scared of, but other men, to which Paul promptly won the argument by deleting his Twitter account.

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