Flossing two days before appointment fails to convince hygienist


A Bromsgrove man who started flossing just two days before his appointment was due thinks he got away with it.

Despite assuring hygienist Tara Gibson that he flossed twice daily, plumber Geoff Chambers hadn’t actually flossed since his last appointment and didn’t even brush regularly, relying on a nightly cup of mouthwash to cover all his dental needs. But Ms Gibson said she saw through Geoff’s limp cover story immediately.

‘His yarn about flossing daily was shot full of holes, just like the soft tissue lining his gums’, said Tara. ‘I let him carry on with his hapless lies then I jabbed him with one of those pointy dental probes. I asked him if he felt a prick, he said yes but it was OK. I think we all know the truth about that one’.

Geoff later commented on what he thought was an excessive bill for the minimal work involved, saying he thought £65.00 for 20 minutes work was extortionate. ‘All she did was scrape a bit of plaque off, use some dental floss between my teeth and polish them with a bit of scouring paste. I thought it was a bit steep’.

‘Geoff’s a plumber isn’t he?’ replied Ms Gibson.  ‘Right’.

However, despite what he thought was an excessive bill, Geoff remained optimistic; ‘Yes, the bill was a bit heavy but I think she likes me all the same. She gave me a few free samples. I think I might be in with a chance there. She told me she likes a hot spicy curry too. Was that some sort of a hint I wonder’?


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