Genuine Banksy found hiding up a prisoner’s butt


World renowned mural artist Banksy has been detained after trying to smuggle himself into Reading prison. Astonished prison officers were doing a routine ‘bend and cough’ search of a prisoner when one of them spotted a bedsheet. They pulled several yards of knotted sheets from the prisoner’s butt and found Banksy hanging on the end. It is unclear if he was engaged in performance art or trying to infiltrate the prison to draw on cell walls.

A prison officer said: ‘We thought it was a magic trick. We pulled and pulled and out popped Banksy. It’s the first time anyone’s seen him and he’s actually quite small. About the size of a heroin wrap.’

There has been serious unrest at the prison after a mural on the perimeter wall was vandalised. Prisoners are said to be very upset at the mindless destruction of public art. One said: ‘What’s the world coming to? Whoever vandalised that mural wants locking up.’

The unnamed prisoner has sold his story to the Daily Mail for an undisclosed sum. The serial ‘Ballad of Reading Jail – I shat a Banksy’ begins this Sunday.

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