Surge in demand for tickets after Euro winner discovered to have had first vaccination jab


Camelot have reported a massive surge in demand for lottery tickets after several lucky winners were discovered to have had their first Covid vaccination.  The winner of Fridays Euro millions put his good fortune down to having had his first vaccination jab just days before his lucky numbers came up……’on Tuesday I had my first jab….then on Friday I won millions on the lottery…my mate Ted also bought a ticket at the same time and he won nothing and he hasn’t had the jab….now don’t try and tell me that’s down to coincidence’. said Euro millionaire Jake Jackson

Other lottery winners also reported that they had had their first jab. Doreen from Stockport said she won £10,000 on a scratch card just days after receiving her first vaccination while Rob from Bristol said he had also won ‘a tidy amount’ on the very same day as getting the jab.

News that people who have had a Covid vaccination were more likely to win the lottery than those who refused to buy a ticket soon spread across social media with Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups all reporting an increase in lottery-related traffic. A campaign to combat false lottery information was set up and trusted community leaders were urged to reach out to their communities.

But the BMA insist there is no link between winning the lottery and having had your first vaccine, saying it is quite normal for some people to win after having bought a ticket.

‘The chances of that happening are millions-to-one…cases of people winning the lottery are very rare and should not be linked to the vaccination…..they are simply rumours being spread on social media and should not be accepted as fact’ said BMA representative Jason Beesely . ‘Some people would have won anyway….regardless of whether they had received their first dose or not.

‘It makes no difference if you buy a Euro ticket or the Lotto….the chances are minimal. The Euro might offer a little more financial security than the Lotto ticket but the chances of winning either lottery are at best very remote.
The advice remains the same as it always has been….anyone buying multiple lottery tickets should seek medical advice immediately’.

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