Man on first date inexplicably asks for wine list


A Man on a first date asked for the wine list from the waiter for some reason beyond any human comprehension.

26-year-old Geoff Robinson said, “the restaurant had tablecloths and I’d borrowed my dad’s sailing club blazer, so asking for a wine list seemed the next logical step.”

“I assumed that was the end of the matter but then the waiter returned and handed me an actual list with words on it – it appeared I had to choose something.”

“So, while my date was banging on about not really dating much, or some s**t, I adopted fail-safe screensaver mode of noddy-smile-intermittent-half-laugh while I tried to remember what wine was.”

“I got as far as white and red – and that weird half-red half-white, rosey stuff. Luckily I remembered ‘operation second-least expensive’ as my fallback – worked a charm.”

His date, Sarah said, “I’m giving up on dating. I always seem to attract the psycho-noddy-smilers in old school blazers. This weirdo asked for the wine list and then just ordered one glass of port for some f**king reason.”

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