Smart money backs ‘audaciously smoking’ Bristol city centre for Turner Prize


Fans of irony and befuddling modern art are lauding a new installation by never knowingly untwattish Bristol art extremists ‘Reclaim the Paradox’.

“Just brilliant,” said an admiring policeman, proudly weighed down with multiple Paradox-branded plastercasts. “Didn’t think they could outdo the Met’s bold living sculpture montage: ‘Armed officers smash woman’s face into ground during peaceful vigil against male-on-female violence’, but you’ve got to admit it, with ‘Give Us Every Reason to Fast-track The Bill’, they pulled a blinder.”

A local resident sweeping up broken glass added; “Yeah, smashing up my restaurant was really helpful, thanks,” before being revealed as a spokesperson from opposing art terrorists ‘Sarcasm Collective; Like We Need Your Support’.

In a move described as meta-irony, or ‘Conceptual Cummingism’, Boris “I shook hands with everyone” Johnson has been invited to unveil Paradox’s forthcoming installation ‘Cattle-Class to Magaluf NOW’, but advised it would clash with his blindly ambitious performance piece ‘Passing 126,000 (Yeah, We Can Get Away With That)’ at the Arse from Elbow Gallery, and could someone please remind him of the address.

Alanis Morissette was unavailable for comment.

comradely hat-tips to StanleyMizaru, Titus, Sinnick & anyone missed in the teargas

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