Man desperate to know how the containers on cargo ships don’t fall into the sea


A man is trying to show he is interested in the economic impact of the Ever Given ship blocking the Suez canal, when all he really wants to know is how all the containers on these ships don’t slide off into the bloody sea, it has been confirmed.

‘Dredging is probably going to be the most effective solution, but using tugs might be quicker’, said Pete McBride, 47, to some friends, when really he was thinking about why all the cargo hadn’t fallen into the Red Sea already at the first sign of a wave.

‘They could use a digger to excavate the bow, or extract sand and silt from the bed’ continued McBride knowledgably, when in his head he was thinking of the game of Jenga he was playing the other week with his kids and how it had all fallen over when his wife created a bit of a wind by opening the living room door.

The news comes just weeks after McBride saw a news item about airports and had to stop himself asking someone why airline pilots don’t have to stick their heads out of the window to see where they are going when they put the plane in reverse gear to move away from the gate.

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