Psychologists shocked by Rorschach Test ‘just ink splodges’ claims


Psychologists were jolted out of their collective counselling couches yesterday with fresh doubts being cast on the validity of the Rorschach Test. Numerous studies, conducted in many countries, have produced a shock consensus – most people when asked to identify the Rorschach Test images simply maintain they are ‘nothing more than ink splodges’.

Principal Investigator Rowena Hendry said, ‘We have shown these images to lots of different groups and by far the most popular response is to comment on them as ink splodges rather than try and make them into anything else. For example, in a class of 30 nine year olds 25 said this, with two not being able to understand the question, one seeing Beyoncé, one the Dalai Llama and one being taken out of class by the TA before they could respond’.

However, the Chief Psychologist in the Govt. Science Service Prof. Janet Taylor, played down concerns, saying ‘Rorschach Tests have been conducted for many years on many subjects and most people see different shapes, after suitable prompting, and not ink splodges’.

The controversy joins a long list of concerns about testing methods used by psychologists, with the IQ test long debunked, phrenology dismissed as unscientific and the Myers Briggs Personality Test drawing increased criticism.

Prof. Taylor was unable to provide further comments as she was just about to lead a Zoom symposium on the efficacy of Shamanic Gong Therapy in a Post Covid World.

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