Orgreave re-enactment group set to tour


Following their West End success, the riot police tribute group have chosen to take their brand of indiscriminate mayhem to the streets of Bristol. Said one member: ‘It’s a great family show – we’ll hit anyone, regardless of age or gender’.

‘It’s all about historical accuracy and legal inaccuracy. Our riot shields and batons are totally authentic, as are the cries of our victims. The only manufactured part are the statements and hospital reports we’ll use.’

The group used to specialize in medieval re-enactments, such as the Battle of Hastings, but these were deemed not violent enough. Their anarchic scuffles last well into the night and in the finale they set fire to evidence from the Hillsborough investigation.

The Home Secretary insisted that this cosplay police state will be ‘coming to a town near you’. Asked if she felt they had authentically captured the police’s attempt to preserve the peace, she replied: ‘Absolutely, its complete fantasy’.

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