Return of the comb-over ‘definitely a cause for concern’ says Government


Fears that balding men across the UK – unable to get a proper haircut during lockdown – have once again reverted to combing wisps of hair over the bald patches on their head.
The practice of combing unsightly wisps of hair over the head in order to hide a bald patch – known as a ‘comb-over’ – was a common sight during the 1960s and 70’s with many sports personalities and TV stars favouring the style.
But a change in attitude towards balding men during the 1980’s saw a marked decline in the need to comb-over. Thanks to movie stars like Bruce Willis and Patrick Stewart, ‘bald patch denial’ was on the wane and a new look was evolving. Although the practice is still widespread in the far north of Scotland and parts of the west country, in the rest of the UK it has all but been eradicated.
But there are now worrying signs that the comb-over is making an unwelcome and unsightly comeback.
Over the past few days, comb-overs have been spotted as far north as Newcastle and Lancaster and even across parts of the West Midlands. Reports of the hairstyle resurfacing in the south east are yet to be confirmed but Government sources say – at the current rate of transmission – it is only a matter of time.
Politicians on both sides of the political divide say a return to 1970’s hair styles is totally unacceptable. ‘Other EU countries labelled us the ‘sick man of Europe’….we always assumed it was because of our tanking economy, crippling industrial action and our woeful productivity levels’ said Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng …’…but no…apparently it was because so many of our balding men had willingly settled for a comb-over.
We must get to grips with the situation before it gets completely out of hand. Some men are still on the fringes but we cannot rule out introducing legislation to combat this insidious rise of the comb over’.

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