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A new cop series isn’t noteworthy unless it has a novel twist and a fresh 10 part series called Conventional Cops is certainly novel. Written by avid TV cop show fan, Christine James, CC (as the show will inevitably known) features Det. Insp. Barry Smith in the lead role with his sidekick Det. Sgt. Jane Andrews. Smith is in his mid-40s, white, average height, slightly balding, a little overweight. He does not like classical music, classic cars, chess, mind games, gambling or disobeying the rules. Smith has a secure family life having been married for 20 years, with 2 teenage children Benjamin and Olivia who are doing just fine at school. His wife, Mary is a teaching assistant and she also has a straightforward and drama free life. They live in a suburb just outside Newbury in a quiet community with the usual levels of low level aggravation and mostly low level crime.

Det. Sgt. Jane Andrews is a white woman, mid-30s, having a similarly incident free backstory. She has no addictions, bad habits or skeletons in the cupboard. She is happily married to Robert, an accountant at a nearby mid-level financial management practice. They have two, young and well adjusted children.

Conventional Cops, follows the daily tasks undertaken by the police team. Both work normal hours, neither has demons to deal with. Both cops work systematically through the evidence. There are no flashes of insight, it is just methodical, pain-staking detailed work to crack crimes such as VAT fraud, business closing hours violations and prolific littering. It does not feature serial killers, religious malcontents or mentally ill con artists. There are few conspiracies and no bad language.

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