Loyalist Rioters to stop burning petrol cars by 2025

burning car

A speaker for “Ulster Green Hand Commando” in North Belfast announced today an action plan to move towards burning only battery- and hybrid- electric vehicles in riots by 2025.

“We’ve been looking at the successes of Extinction Rebellion and now have an action plan for our own riots to go zero-carbon within four years.

Marching has always been actively supported, so burning cars and throwing petrol bombs are the remaining high-carbon aspects of our protests. Setting fire to electric vehicles, especially those with large Lithium-Ion batteries, which can burn for hours on end, will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”

“One flaming Ford Fiesta can block a Belfast street for two hours -a single Tesla 3 can go the whole night, and we’d strongly encourage the PSNI to bring forward their plans to move to hybrid vehicles to support our decarbonisation goals.”

We would ask our loyalist protesters to stop torching Amazon Prime vans on the Shankhill Road. It’s holding up our latest delivery of “Ulster no surrender” flags, as well the Xbox I’ve promised my son for his birthday.”

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