Ethelred was ‘actually ready’, new report finds


Documents released under the one thousand year rule have revealed that the referendum carried out by Britons in 1016 now show the King, King Ethelred, was actually extremely ready, despite the eventual vote ending up split 52% to 48% to the opposite. It is believed there was a lot of misrepresentation of the facts at the time, not helped by a slogan claiming each and every Briton would be 3 groats better off painted on the side of a cart pulled village to village during the campaign.

‘The claim is ridiculous,’ said a historian today, ‘half of the voters couldn’t read, so it’s unlikely the slogan would have influenced their voting habits. The reality was that they were worried about immigration; indeed the Vikings and the Danes did swarm in, taking our jobs and raping our women. Luckily we didn’t have a welfare state at the time,’ he said.

Supporters of Ethelred, dubbed ‘Readiers’ mounted a sustained campaign after the referendum, but the leader of the ‘Unreadiers’ was a true Cnut and insisted ‘unready means unready’, deposing Ethelred the following year. Ironically Britons weren’t better off being ruled by a Cnut and the change didn’t impact greatly on immigration, the report states.

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