Drunk Discovers ‘Truth’ About Heath Ledger & Ethan Hawke


Regular and big-time drinker Ron Parks, was in the Rat and Trumpet struggling to follow the conversation of his drinking mates when he came up with the killer question, “Who was the one who made his breakthrough in High School Musical, then played the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain and started writing novels but then died tragically young playing The Joker?”
His friends all said, “One! – that’s three different people.”
“ They started on,” said Parks, “about this Heath Ledger, Ethan Hawke, and other one called Zak Ephron – I couldn’t believe it. Okay, a few years ago I sometimes said Rick Wakeman when I meant Alan Rickman or vice versa but I got therapy for that. Got it sorted one was a musician and the other an actor so it wasn’t so complicated but these three were another can of worms altogether”.

“It was only when they tried to tell me Kevin Bacon and Edward Norton were different guys that I twigged they were taking the piss”, concluded Parks.

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