Saying ‘No pun ‘intended’ when you clearly did now a criminal offence


A law has now been passed making it a criminal offence to state ‘No pun intended’, when you clearly meant it. The offence is considered to be more serious when the device is utilised as a cheap gag; especially with the aim of disparaging, or degrading a person, in a politically incorrect manner.

In the first case of its kind, Quasimodo has taken the Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral, Claude Frollo, to court. It is alleged that he told his employer that he was now hard of hearing, to which Frollo replied ‘Sorry to hear that…ha ha…no pun intended’. Matters became increasingly serious when Quasimodo challenged the remark, and Frollo said he had ‘a chip on your shoulder…no pun intended’. ‘This was a veiled jibe at my other disability,’ Quasimodo said.

The trial has taken its toll on the famous bell man; no pun intended. If he loses, he has vowed to appeal; no pun intended.

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