Man considers riding a bike


Dave Willis, 45, is on the verge of venturing on a bike ride after discovering a bike in his shed – with wheels and everything!  ‘I was on my daily visit to the shed for no reason when I happened on a bike that I even think belongs to me, this being my shed, in the garden adjacent to the house that I live in alone.  Lockdown isn’t all bad!’

‘Right, let’s check to see whether it’s roadworthy.  Hmm, the handlebars are a bit wonky and those tyres are totally flat.  Nothing that a few instructional Youtube videos won’t fix.  Just need to find the old tablet.  Tablet.  Tablet.  Okay, oo battery.  Hmm, charger?  Where did I leave the charger?  Quick rummage around the odds and sods drawer.  Cool, a breathalyzer.’

‘Wait, my set of allen keys!  I’ve been looking for you lot, you allusive buggers.  Now I can finish building the easel I bought on Amazon after I decided to become a portrait artist, last week.’

‘What a highly productive day this is turning out to be.  A bike ride followed by an afternoon of fine art.  Look, there’s my yoga mat.  What better way to end my day then relaxing into zen-like state?’

‘Ooo, cheesy wotsits.  Nom. Nom.’

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