“No Way! I Don’t Believe It!”: Reaction to Shocking News Tories are all Corrupt


The general public have voiced their complete and utter shock at the revelation that quite a lot of Tory MPs are liars and only interested in helping themselves.

Julie, a lifelong Cameron supporter, told us: “I just broke down in tears when I heard about Greensill, I couldn’t believe it was happening. Dave always seemed like such a top bloke, his referendum on Brexit was obviously a great idea and panned out superbly. He did a fab job with the NHS – it was clear we needed to divert money away from healthcare and towards tax breaks for the super-rich. He was your typical humble, trustworthy, down to earth Etonian.”

Shockwaves have reverberated across the UK with many now saying they will think twice about voting Tory next time, though will definitely still vote Tory in the end.

Despite her shock and sadness, Julie says she still believes the conservatives are the right party to lead Britain in the years to come. “It’s not as though the current government are anything like the others – BoJo, Hancock, Patel – you couldn’t find a more trustworthy bunch.”

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