PDF inventor not compatible with hole in ground


The funeral of Charles Geschke, the co-founder the Adobe software company, has been delayed while undertakers figure out how to change the size of his grave. Conventional tools like spades and mechanical diggers were found to be incompatible, and mourners could be charged extra for a coffin that works with standard holes.


The funeral director said: ‘Normally we use a simple hole dug six feet deep. Most coffins fit into them quite nicely. However, this time we used a Portable Deceased Format. It doesn’t fit and no one has a clue how to change the dimensions of the hole or the coffin. It’s really pissing us off.’


A spokesperson for Adobe apologised for the delay and offered to convert the Portable Deceased Format coffin to one that fits any hole. The mourners are holding a whip round to buy a cheaper PDF-Holes converter.


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