Man missing for three years, after getting the bins in, discovered live and well


Bury man Tony Hodgson was reported missing by his wife Beryl when he disappeared in 2018 after popping out to retrieve the dustbin from down the road following a refuse collection.  She explained: ‘After a month I assumed he was either dead or had run off with another woman.’

Mr Hodgson was discovered in a back alley by a neighbour, only a few minutes walk from his home.  When asked to shed light on his absence, Tony said: ‘The bin men move the bins all over the show.  They let them run right down t’ hill.  I once found a bin from Barnsley on our road.’

He continued; ‘Beryl’s always very annoyed if I go home without finding the bin.  I were afraid to show up without it.  After a few days, I didn’t really have the nerve to return with nothing to show for it.  So I just kept on looking.  Now the reality has really hit me.  I’ve lost me job, kids aren’t talking to me, and the missus has got another bloke.’ He reported. ‘Its bin rubbish’.

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