Man shows how uninterested he is by writing a detailed argument about it


A man has written passionately about why people should not be interested in something.

The man claims that people are so uninterested in this thing he was on about that he has taken the time and effort to explain why they are/should not be interested in this thing.

To illustrate just how uninterested people are in this thing he has explained to you why you should not find it interesting.
And why you should move on from this thing.

This thing is not important. It is so unimportant and lacking in interest that – despite it being the main feature on the front of every newspaper, is the main topic on every TV and radio show… is nonetheless still unimportant.

This thing is so irrelevant that he has taken the time to tell you just how irrelevant this thing is and also comment on how stupid you are if you do happen to find this thing interesting.

The man has gone into great detail explaining why this thing is so unimportant…so please show some respect and stop thinking about it. The man’s argument is so compelling he has even picked up some Socialist fanboys along the way. The sort of Socialists that would rather have another 10 years of far-right Toryism than support a left of centre Labour Party. Just how many toys are there in that Momentum pram That’s how convincing this man is.

More in-depth analysis and follow up comments about why you should not find something important coming soon, along with more copy and paste non interest from his handlers at Tory HQ coming soon

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