Pandemic affects Tories’ ability to understand simple concepts like sleaze


An OBR report has found growing evidence that the Coronavirus Pandemic has badly affected many Tories regarding their understanding of concepts such as sleaze.

Investigations have found that a majority of those within the Conservative Party struggle to identify words such as ‘Corruption’, ‘Impropriety’, or ‘Misconduct’ due to their reduced social circles and situations that lead to vocabulary development.

A spokesperson for the OBR said: ‘It seems they have been isolated within their Westminster Bubble for so long that they not only cannot identify the act of wrongdoing, but that the word itself has vanished from their lexicon. We see the issues in other parties too, Labour MPs had difficulty defining the words ‘effective’ and ‘opposition'; and the whole of Westminster was unable to adequately explain what a ‘Liberal Democrat’ was.’

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