Outraged nation punishes Tories with nine-point lead


The British public has sent a clear message that it will not tolerate any more of the allegations of Tory sleaze and insulting comments emanating from the unkept posh windbag in Number 10, according to the latest polls. Instead of being five or six points down on the opposition as would normally be the case, the Conservatives are currently nine points ahead and this is expected to be 12 by election day.

Pollster, Helen Daniels commented, ‘Senior members of the party will no doubt be scratching their heads and wondering what they can do to recover the position. In my view, there is simply nothing that can be done at this late stage. They must face up to the fact that they are going to win handsomely.’

One voter said, ‘Boris Johnson is an absolute disgrace. Awarding contracts to his pals. Ten grand on a sofa. Bodies piling up. Has the man any decency, I ask you? Obviously I will vote for him. That’ll bring him down a peg or two. You’ll see.’

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