DIY enthusiast Meghan Markle releases bench-building debut


The Duchess of Sussex’s debut DIY stunner, ‘The Bench’, is a thrilling account of bench building. In a bench-press statement, Meghan said: ‘Not everyone thought I could do it, but I proved them wrong, I dared to believe – because with enough money you can do anything. Some said a book about benches wouldn’t have legs, but it does – four of them. That’s actually my first tip for bench building – oops, spoiler alert!’

Chapters include: ‘Why Benches Are Better Than Thrones Anyway’, ‘Stop Your Benchin and Moanin’ and ‘A Bench Doesn’t Betray You Like The Monarchy Does’. Rumour has it the book was originally titled ‘The Bitch’ rather than ‘The Bench’ and was about an evil princess called Kate Middlebitch but following a law suit threat Meghan’s publisher convinced her to convert it into a manual on bench building instead. Meghan has been announced as B&Q’s new ambassador and will be touring stores giving bench-building demos on Saturday afternoons.

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