Line of Duty finale extends Tory lead to 25 points


Millions of viewers were left disappointed on Sunday evening, as the Series Six finale of popular police anti-corruption drama Line of Duty left many fans with an empty feeling of soulless disappointment and despair, on a scale not registered since the result of the 2019 General election. The prime cause of their dissatisfaction was that the head of a network of corrupt police officers, also known as ‘H’ was revealed to be the completely out-of-his-depth, bumbling and incompetent, DCI Ian Buckells.

‘How on Earth am I expected to believe that conclusion?’, complained full time Line of Duty addict Colin Collinson, 55, of Barton Stacey and part-time security guard at ‘Bark At The Toon’, Hampshire’s only Ozzy Osbourne-themed canine training school that uses the medium of animation, who recently spent his last four night shifts re-watching the previous five series on iPlayer.

‘It’s completely implausible that someone as chaotic and inept as Buckles could be H, leading a complex network of corrupt police officers, whilst having his strings pulled by a hidden elite of sadistic gangsters. Is this meant to be some kind of metaphor for something else, like people are saying online? If so, I can’t see it myself.’

Whilst many saw the end of the series finale as a huge disappointment, for many floating Tory voters this was just the perfect ending, as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s popularity soared overnight, leaving the Conservatives with a 25 point lead over Labour. ‘I stopped caring about honesty and integrity by Series Three,’ said Collinson, ‘and by series five I was ready to promote a bare-faced liar to the nation’s highest office.’

Many Line of Duty fans are demanding a seventh series in the vain hope that the real perpetrators of the last nine years of misery of AC-12 will finally be brought to justice. However, leaked plotlines are pointing to another ten seasons of OCG rule.

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