Line of Duty to join new European Police Drama Super League


In a twist that has shocked fans to the core, it has been announced that Line of Duty will be part of a new breakaway Police Drama Super League from 2022.
The popular show will join a league of 12, thought to include British favourites Unforgotten, Bloodlands, The Bay, Broadchurch and Bancroft, plus Dark Scandi offerings like Borgen, and that French one, Engrenages, that your mate claims to have watched with subtitles on Netflix.

Each drama will compete against each other twice in a season, going head-to-head at 9 p.m. on Sunday, with points awarded for positive twitter mentions and tongue-in-cheek references made to the show in Prime Minister’s Question Time.

‘Jesus, Herod and one of the Wise Men,’ said Neil Dudgeon of Midsomer Murders. ‘Typical. Shows like us and Vera do all the hard graft, and then these fancy dans come in and clean up with their long beeeeeeeeeeeepppss, document 7986 in your folder and funny spellings of “definitely”.

‘When did we stop caring about honesty, integrity and a good solid two-hour drama that is neatly wrapped up by 10 p.m., inevitably finishing with a scene in the beer garden of a riverside pub, drinking a warm pint and finishing with a pithy remark as the theme music fades in?’

Fans have already started staging protests against the league. Many turned up outside BBC offices today, wearing balaclavas and leaving trademark turds in the passenger seats of vehicles thought to belong to executives of the show.

Jed Mercurio was unavailable to be questioned since there is still no-one around of higher rank or status than him.

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