Woman asks: ‘Should I pay an overdue e-bill for an iPhone I don’t have?’


Darcy Faroo (29) has asked if she should trust an invoice addressed to a ‘Dear Mr. Dorothy Faboo’. Darcy would not normally question the veracity of such an email, given that the message has the word ‘official’ in three different fonts and the senders address is ‘aPplE4467scam666@gmail.com’ which sounds totally legitimate.

Darcy said: ‘The email itself seemed particularly urgent, as the word ‘urgent’ was in bold and the sender had helpfully spelt iPhone with two ‘n’s’. It explained that the credit card, which I’ve never had, was about to expire and that I should send my bank details, in order to claim a mystery prize’.

One IT expert said: ‘Our advice is always to send cash or organs if necessary. Should you run into any financial problems our team of kindly Nigerian Princes can instantly wire transfer you 36 million US Dollars.’

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