Britain stands down to Thunderbird alert level 3


The UKs Thunderbird threat level has been reduced from four to three. Puppets are now allowed to fly high powered rockets, and visit hairdressers. It is predicted that in a few weeks they will be allowed to stand by and be ready for action.

The six Thunderbird alert levels are as follows:

Five: Everyone has to go to space and stay there until the all clear is sounded. Puppets with brains (commonly named ‘Brains’ for this very reason) are allowed to work remotely, which is pretty much what they always did anyway.

Four: In addition to space, puppets are allowed to travel underwater, and wear yellow.

Three: High powered rockets are allowed. Everyone remains vigilant. Hairdressers can open. Aristocratic English puppets may be chauffeured within a ten mile radius of their homes.

Two: Goods haulage re-opens. String selling can resume.

One: Puppets are allowed to plan to solve mysteries, fight evil and fly high-powered planes.

Go: Are go.

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