Queen’s speech confirms general election vote will require Tory member photo ID


During the state opening of parliament, Her Royal Highness was forced to announce a raft of changes to the law, and an Ever Given shipload of blockage, diluting democratic governance.

But in a thoughtful and clever play on one of the government’s legal changes regarding freedom of expression, the Queen chose ‘bitterly disappointed with Boris’ face.

What does all of this legislative jiggery pokery mean to the man in the street? Very little. He still gets to remain in the street, homeless and destitute. And those who are currently classed as leaseholders will be reclassified as leastholders and forced to join him.

Then, everyone forced on to the streets will be criminalised under a crafty bit of law, cast wider like a fishing fleet trawler net dredging up ‘illegals’, making it an offence to demonstrate about not being able to demonstrate.

Also, it will become illegal for poor people to breakdown in court. But lawyers will be allowed to throw bitchin’ disco shapes, judges can do the robot, and bailiffs can floss to their heart’s content.

The vast majority of legislative changes will make it OK for the government and individual ministers to do whatever they want to whoever they want. For example, the repeal of the Fixed Sperm Parliament Act means Johnson can spaff whenever he likes.

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